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10 Stunning Escapes for 2017

Look at the calendar for a second. Did you notice we are already seven months down in 2017! Don’t fret, we at Travel Trikon are here to help you make the most out of the last five months.  Months transform into years and years into decades and as they say, Travel, till you can!  While taking some rest heals the body while travelling heals the soul!  Here is your chance to live the life you want to. Take time out of the busy schedule and don’t miss this opportunity. Travel Trikon helps you to indulge in a unique experience along with mind-blowing destinations which satisfy all your travel fantasies. Check out how you can spend the rest of 2017. Make it count!


Pondicherry – The French Ville

Pondicherry Tour with Travel Trikon

  • Big Chutti Plans – Extended Long Weekend Plans.
  • Cost – 9,650 per pax.
  • Number of Days – 4 Days (24th Aug, 2017 – 27th Aug, 2017)

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About Pondicherry

Pondicherry aka mini France, where you can still witness some the colonial architecture. Everything is French, even the road signs! Many people here can speak fluent French and many restaurants serve steak and wine even today! Travel Trikon takes you to a destination which is all about enjoying the scenic view, indulging into water sports and witnessing the blend of two absolutely different cultures. Dive into Pondicherry, find yourself, enjoy the cuisine or just witness the enchanting sunset at a beach.


Chhattisgarh – Cultural Saga

Chattishgarh Tour with Travel Trikon
Chattishgarh Tour with Travel Trikon
  • Big Chutti Plans – Extended Long Weekend Plans.
  • Cost – 9,950 per pax.
  • Number of Days – 4 Days (29th September – 02nd October)

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About Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is a spectacular destination which offers a treat to all the nature lovers, photographers, and travels who desire a package of mind-blowing beauty, authentic food, and a unique tradition! Chhattisgarh has unique places which will be added to your bucket list as soon as you know more about them! Chitrakoot in Chhattisgarh has one of the densest forest area in India – Kanger National Valley Park. Imagine yourself away from the city and admiring every bit of the forest!  Did you know? Chitrakoot is referred to as India’s Niagara Falls. We at Travel Trikon invite you to explore the hidden jewel of India.



Bhutan – Land of Happiness

Bhutan Tour with Travel Trikon
Bhutan Tour with Travel Trikon


  • Big Chutti Plans – Extended Long Weekend Plans.
  • Cost – 26,950 per pax.
  • Number of Days –10 Days (24th Dec, 2017 – 2nd Jan, 2018)

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About Bhutan


Bhutan is bold. It embraces its heritage and culture and is proud of it. It is not influenced by any other country and is bold enough to boast its cultural heritage! Bhutan is one the most alluring countries in the world. ‘The land of the Thunder Dragon’ hosts many visitors due to its picturesque landscapes, interesting culture and history and yes Buddhism of course! Bhutan has many ancient temples, lush valleys, sacred mountains fortresses, and monasteries. Bhutan is also popular amongst trekkers as it is the ideal place for trekking. Located between China and India, it is the most remote and isolated destination in the lap of the Himalayas. Travel Trikon takes you to this unique destination which preserves its traditions and culture with utmost care. Travel Trikon welcomes you to explore the hidden treasure in the Himalayas – Bhutan. Tashi Dalek!



Hampi – Stone mysteries

Hampi Tour with Travel Trikon
Hampi Tour with Travel Trikon


  • Big Chutti Plans – Extended Long Weekend Plans.
  • Cost –5,000 per pax.
  • Number of Days- (09th September to Sunday , 10th September 2017)

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About Hampi

Situated on the banks of River Tungabhadra, Hampi is a remarkable tourist destination where travellers all around the globe come to soak in the relaxed culture and listen to all the mysterious kathas from history. Solitude lovers and photography enthusiasts would love to stroll around more than 20 ancient heritages and hill tops where sunset never looks the same. Beautifully preserved and maintained by Archaeological Survey of India, a Tour to Hampi amidst the muddy roads and paddy rice fields will sooth your senses and take you back in time.


Khajuraho – Kamasutra Flourishes

Khajuraho with Travel Trikon
Khajuraho with Travel Trikon


  • Big Chutti Plans – Extended Long Weekend Plans.
  • Cost – 9,550 Rs.
  • Number of Days – 4 Days (12th August – 15th August 2017)

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About Khajuraho

A land where architecture blushes! Hindustan ka Dil!! Yes, it’s time to unveil the most interesting and intriguing destination of Madhya Pradesh. Right from beautiful Apsaras to the Brave warriors that chose to pose sensually and surrender themselves to Moksha by presenting erotic Kamasutra positions at Khajuraho. Unarguably, Khajuraho is the temple of Love, Vaasna, and Moksha. Being UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khajuraho Group of Temples will leave you spellbound and hypnotized by depicting a liberal form of art in those huge sculptures and temples. The famous sandstone sculptures are truly exquisite; you’ll be awe-struck the moment you see them. These temples illustrate the brilliant burst of artistic flowering that took place under the Chandela rulers Travel Trikon helps you to explore more than 25 temples in the Western, Eastern and Southern Group making maximum utilization of time for photography and absorbance of culture.



Kerala – God’s Own Country  –


Kerala Tour with Travel Trikon
Kerala Tour with Travel Trikon
  • Big Chutti Plans – Extended Long Weekend Plans.
  • Cost – 16,500 Rs.
  • Number of Days – (1st September – 07th September 2017)

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About Kerala

In god’s own country! Imagine that you are surrounded by shores, in an enchanting boat house, away from the city into the arms of Mother Nature! Your eyes embrace the green shores and your soul wanders freely as you dip your feet into the cool backwaters. Sounds tempting, isn’t it? Kerala is a melange of a hill station, wildlife, backwaters and houseboat cruise.

Travel Trikon welcomes you to the colourful land of Kerala where colours speak. The green landscapes cool your mind, the brown soil which connects us all together, the sunset and the sunrise which paints Kerala into a unique shade of golden yellow and of course the calm blue water which symbolizes serenity! Truly Kaleidoscopic Kerala!



Karnataka Coastal Tour – Where peace meets sanctity


Karnataka Coastal Tour with Travel Trikon
Karnataka Coastal Tour with Travel Trikon


  • Big Chutti Plans – Extended Long Weekend Plans.
  • Cost – 7,250 per pax.
  • Number of Days – 3 Days (13th– 15th August 2017)
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About Karnataka Coastal Tour



At the coastal Arabian Sea, a tall and gigantic Shiva Statue is a divine sight to witness. Explore the temple, as it’s quite huge and it depicts many mythological stories. You can also stroll around the Murudeshwara Beach for Sunset view; it’s quite pristine and clean. Beaches like Om Beach It are not just the shape that defines OM, but also the peace and serenity that one feels after landing there. Soothing waves and long shoreline tend to captivate your senses. Built during the ancient century, the Gokarna temple is pious and divine in true sense. Also, Jog Waterfalls is proudly owns the title of India’s second highest plunge. Karnataka has a lot to offer, giving you a lifetime experience.


Gandikota – India’s Grand Canyon



Gandikota with Travel Trikon
Gandikota with Travel Trikon
  • Big Chutti Plans – Extended Long Weekend Plans.
  • Cost – 4,950/- per pax.
  • Number of Days – (25th  to 28th August 2017)

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About Gandikota


Situated at Telangana, Gandikota is termed as the Grand Canyon of India. It is no less breathtaking as compared to the Grand Canyon in USA, and it goes one scale up if you were to imagine the backdrop holding a sprawling lush green backdrop surrounded by huge Rocky Mountains and beneath flows the Pennar River. Sit on the rock and capture the panoramic view as it’s an epic Geographical creation that will force you to give an awestruck view. Exploring the Belum caves is a bonus!



Belgaum Waterfalls and Camping – Be the jungle king

Belgaum Jungle Trek with Travel TrikonBelgaum Jungle Trek with Travel Trikon
Belgaum Jungle Trek with Travel Trikon


  • Big Chutti Plans – Extended Long Weekend Plans.
  • Cost –6,800 per pax
  • Number of Days – 3 Days (Saturday, 30th September to Monday, 02nd October 2017)

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About Belgaum Waterfalls and Camping


A scenic land embraced by nature, mouth-watering delicacies at a charming price!  We are talking about none other than Karnataka! The major attraction here is the Mysore palace, national parks and of course the Gadbad Ice-cream! Travel Trikon has a different plan to offer you. We take you beyond the popular places in Karnataka and give you a glimpse of heaven. Let us describe its beauty in a unique way! We at Travel Trikon take you to beyond the usual. We introduce to you a Karnataka you have never seen before. Bordered by Maharashtra Belgaum district in Karnataka is all you need if you are looking for a full-on adventure! Belgaum has lot to offer and a lot to explore such as the mesmerizing Kalsa-Sural Waterfalls which will leave you awe-struck, Vajrapoha River Trail, exploring the underground volcanic caves, camping under the stars and much more! We unveil this spectacular destination in its pure form exclusively for you. You will be spell bound by its beauty and will surely thank us later!


Andaman – Blue waters calling


Andaman Tour with Travel Trikon
Andaman Tour with Travel Trikon


  • Big Chutti Plans – Extended Long Weekend Plans.
  • Cost – 32,500 Rs.
  • Number of Days – 8 Days (22nd Nov, 2017 – 28th Nov, 2017)

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About Andaman

Welcome to the land of the shores! We all love exploring different and unique places, which gives a lot to explore and many happy memories. Andaman is one such destination, where one can witness far-flung blue coastlines, adventure, and peace and yes lots of briny water. With numerous beaches and breath-taking sunsets this destination will fulfil all your holiday cravings! Journey in a speed boat, exploring the mangroves creeks, forests which are home to many elephants, a trek and much more. With a mixture of adventure and serenity, this is just the right place to spend your Chuttis! Spare some space in your bag to take a lot of happy memories back home!


Excited for your Big Chutti Plans? Don’t give it a second thought because time waits for none. Indulge into this exhilarating journey with Travel Trikon and make the most of it!! See you there!


Safety Measures

Safety Measures

Don’t you love the idea of trekking in the rainy season? The cool breeze, lush green hills, gushing waterfalls and the sun playing hide-n-seek with clouds. Often, we get carried away with the natural beauty and tend to overlook our own safety. Keep these points in mind so that your next adventure is all about fun!

The Muck
Yes, if not for this, rains would have been pure bliss. But it’s not, especially after you slip and fall on all fours. To avoid this, wear shoes with a good grip and don’t get tempted to run in the rain like they do in Bollywood movies. Other than loose soil, also avoid stepping on moss-covered stones. They are extremely slippery while stones under running water aren’t.

The Bag
Everything is going to be wet but see that your extra pair of clothes, money, food, camera, phone etc doesn’t get damp. Just put them in separate polythenes while packing even if your bag is waterproof. This will protect them from your wet hands and also help you sort out the contents faster on the trek.

The Route
Know where you’re going. Hire a guide if possible. If not, talk to people at the base village to get a basic idea of your route to the top. With falling trees and flowing water, there are chances your trail got washed away too.

The Insects
Be prepared to meet irritant bugs, mosquitoes or hungry leech as they thrive in this season. Keep repellents handy. To get rid of leech, use salt or spray deodorant. It works like magic!

The Note
Always leave a note behind stating your location and likely time of return. Keep your family and friends informed. Weather can get tricky during monsoons and we all know how our mobile network connections are!


We understand you want to capture each and every bit of your monsoon trek, but do keep the time restrictions in mind. Do not stray away from the group while clicking pictures, always be with your group and take pictures whenever the leader announces photography break. Also, protect your camera as well as mobile phone while doing the same.

No edge Photography please

You’ve seen number of trekkers clicking pictures at the top of a huge boulder and those images might have got 1000 of Likes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a safe thing to do. During monsoon there is lack of visibility and the mud is quite slippery, so do not click pictures at the edge of the mountain, its completely unsafe.

River Stream Gushes..

Yeah, the moment you see a river stream you get simply get into the stream without knowing the depth and water flow. This could be risky, as you might flow away with the forceful water gushes and end up hurting yourself. Always consult your lead before getting into any lake, pond, water stream or river body.

Trekking isn’t a Marathon

It’s not a race!! No medal rewards are given to first reachers. Enjoy every bit of your trek and always move with your Trikon buddies. Never leave your group behind and stay ahead of everyone. Be at a descent pace and help other trekkers to reach the end point.

Do not haste others

You might be an avid trekker and can trek amazingly well through tough terrains, but not everybody is the same. So avoid pushing or hasting fellow trekkers, as they might slip and get injured. A recent incident at Harihar trek is a great learning, where a trekker lost balance while hastily descending and ended up fracturing her leg. Thanks to prompt decisions and co operation from local villagers who got her down safely.

Get insured

Get an Adventure Insurance yourself so as to cover the possible risks that take place while undertaking adventure activities. After all, Precaution is better than cure.

Just these basic ideas will go a long way to keep you away from trouble or any nasty surprises on the trek. Like our page for more such articles.

Team Travel Trikon


Waterfall Rappelling

Are you yet to take up the Waterfall Rappelling Challenge?

We all have feared at some point in our life. Some have fear for heights while some fear the depths of the sea. Do you know what prepares you to fight against that fearful feeling in your body? The Adrenaline hormone. Thanks to this hormone your body prepares you for a fight or flight response. Why not choose the fight response and live your dreams? Have you ever thought going beyond this fear? Living freely and follow your passion? Why not give it a try? Haven’t you heard about ‘Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai’? Frightening is a normal state but do not cage yourself into your fear. It is time to defeat it. Water rappelling is one such adventurous sport that will surely secret some adrenaline hormones. So if you are ready to challenge yourself, this is the right one for you!

Water rappelling is a sport in which you descend down from the cliff of a waterfall with a help of a rope and an anchor to protect yourself from falling. So wake the Tarzan in you and have a hold of his rope and let go of your fear. Monsoon is the prime time to undertake this adventure and soon will it arrive. So start thinking now! You have got almost a month to make up your mind to face your fear or run away throughout your life!

If you are thinking about it then tell us allow to acknowledge you with a place near Mumbai which is famous for waterfall rappelling. Bhivpuri is one of the top places known for waterfall rappelling and here is the reason why!

Bekare  Falls

Waterfall Rappelling At Bekare

The major attraction in Karjat is the Bhivpuri waterfall which makes it picture perfect in monsoons. This delightful waterfall witness water rappelling every year. Bhivpur a small town located in Karjat Taluka, famous for its waterfalls, is a preferred destination for weekends during the rainy season. This paradise is just 93 km away from Mumbai. Enjoying the thrill of water rappelling is a lifetime memory.

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Ganpati Gadad

This pristine destination is yet to be explored my many adventurists around Maharashtra. There are caves to explore and an easy level hike till the point for waterfall rappelling with experts who are technically sound enough to help you abseil with the help of ropes and carabiners.

So now if you have read this blog it time to complete the waterfall challenge and once you have completed it you have to select few beties and challenge them! Try waterfall rappelling with Travel Trikon in and around Maharashtra for super fun. Do you have the guts? If yes then get packing! It’s time to fight your fear.

5 Tips for Trekking during PERIODS

5 Tips for Trekking during PERIODS

Why it’s perfectly okay to trek during menstruation !

Planned for the perfect trek, excited and all set to hit the mountains! But, wait! Your trekking dates clash with your periods? What a nightmare! Is it safe to trek during periods? How to avoid messing up clothes? How to dispose off used sanitary napkins? Here are the answers to all your questions. Read till the end to find out how to deal with such situations and head to the mountains instead of staying back.

Periods are part of routine. But trust me those five days mean stress, cramps, mood swings, bleeding and what not! All those claims of “staying fresh and dry” in ads don’t keep you from checking every now and then. It’s high time we speak about this openly and discuss how to deal with it. Especially for trekkers, who would love to be in mountains at any day of the month, it’s a serious concern and never fails to interfere with our decisions to sign up for a trek. After all, when mountains call, you must go!

Before you cancel the much awaited plan, think if you’re actually unfit for the trek? Is it safe to trek during periods? If yes, what precautions need to be followed?

Pads or Tampons?

Although both seem good for trekkers, you can choose the one that makes you feel comfortable. Pad is always easy to carry and dispose, whereas tampons need to be handled a bit more carefully. You also need to keep a check on how much duration you’ve been wearing them. For monsoon and waterfall fun, tampons are highly recommended. Carry an extra plastic bag and always wrap your pads in paper and put it inside the bag in a separate section. Whenever you come across a bin, just dispose it and get rid of it.

Hygiene matters

You’ve got to be extra careful when it comes to hygiene. Carry a bunch of tissue papers, sanitizer, sanitary pads and extra clothes for effortless changing and keeping the germs at bay. You can also check out disposable panties that are easily available these days.

How to deal with the cramps?

Though you are a regular trekker, but when it comes to trekking during periods it gets a little dicey and you end up questioning your own decision. Experts say, the more you exercise the more you feel better. Yoga, trekking, cycling or any form of physical exertion is bound to relieve cramps. It you feel your cramps are unbearable and it would make things worse, only then consult a gynecologist for prescriptions. Otherwise, fresh air and greenery all around are sure to enlighten your mood and keep the cramps and mood swings away. Stay hydrated at all times and learn some yoga poses for stretching.

Dispose Responsibly

Usually, trekking routes are quite far from the animal habitats but be mindful of it anyway. If you throw your pad on the trail or bury it underground then maybe they’ll end up confusing it with food and might try to chew or consume, which is hazardous. So just dispose it safely.

Keep your leader informed

A leader needs to know everything about the group. Keep him/her informed so that they can help and guide you while you’re trekking or taking breaks in between.

There been a drastic hike in the number of female trekkers/backpackers and solo travelers. With the advancement in medical science there are a number of ways to deal with menstrual cycles and reduce the pain. Just don’t let this hamper your determination. Do step out for seeking the adventure you’ve been planning for so long. Be optimistic and prepare well. Let periods not be a hurdle…Be there…Shout out aloud…Answer when the mountain’s call!

5 Must Do Trek this Monsoon

5 Must Do Monsoon Treks

                BEAT THE HEAT WITH THESE 5 Monsoon Treks.


Monsoon is not only about rains but it is about gliding through your memories. Monsoon is about sipping hot tea while feeling the rain on your palms through the window.  Monsoon is about dancing in the rain without any hesitation! We at Travel Trikon know that for you, Monsoon is not only a season but it is a feeling! Travel Trikon buddies are calling all the monsoon lovers to celebrate the arrival of the monsoon season together and to add one more happy memory in your box of monsoon memories. We help you to beat the heat with the top 5 Monsoon Treks which will quench every monsoon lover’s thirst!


RAJMACHI – Takes you back in the 17th Century!

LOCATION – Lonavala

HEIGHT –2710 feet above the sea level


Rajmachi Trek
Rajmachi Trek

The Rajmachi fort is located near Lonavala.  As we all know that Lonavala is best known to be visited during the winters, Rajmachi fort adds one more reason to visit this popular destination.  This a very famous destination for trekkers and beginners. There are two routes to reach this fort, one from Lonavala and the other from Karjat near Mumbai. This fort was established by Shivaji Maharaj back in the 17th century!  There 2 caves at the fort which provide an accommodation for around 40 people if you are planning for an overnight trek. The major attractions here are Shirvardhan, Manaranjan (The twin forts), Huge caves on the fort to explore and the old temples. If you are planning for a monsoon trek, then this is one of the best trek places for you to choose.


KALSUBAI TREK – The Highest Peak in Maharashtra!

LOCATION – Igatpuri Taluka

HEIGHT – 5400 feet above the sea level.

DIFFICULTLY LEVEL – Medium to hard

Kalsubai Trek
Kalsubai Trek

Have you heard about the all in one package? Kalsubai is one of these packages!  It not only gives a thrilling feeling to the trekkers, but also gives a picturesque view of lush green valley, a view of the spectacular waterfalls and of course the breath-taking top view! Kalsubai is also a part of kalsubai Harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary. Reaching to the top, you can visit the kalsubai temple.  Harishchandragad, Ahivant, Saptashrungigad, Markindya, Dhodap, etc. can be spotted from the Kalsubai Peak. Travel Trikon welcomes you to visit this beautiful monsoon destination which is also the highest peak in Maharashtra!


RATANGAD TREK – A 2000 YEARS Old Heritage.

LOCATION– Igatpuri

HEIGHT– 4255 feet above the sea level


Ratangad Trek
Ratangad Trek

Located in the beautiful jungle of the Western Ghats this mighty fort stands tall in Ratangad. Ratangad has a natural rock peak with a cavity in it at the top which is called ‘Nedhe’ or ‘Eye of the Needle.’ Sculptures of Lord Ganesh and Hanuman can be seen on the main gate. The main attraction is the Amruteshwar temple. Ratangad desk itself up flowers in November and then with wild greenery during the monsoons. The fort is the origin for the river Pravara. There are two main routes to reach the fort. There is a route from village Samrad and the other from village Ratanwadi. The trek route from Ratanwadi is the easy one as it passes through dense forest along the northern bank of the river. Iron ladders constructed by the forest department which makes the trek even easier. So get ready as Travel Trikon takes you through an adventurous journey to Rantanghadh!


ANDHARBAN – The Dense Forest!


HEIGHT – 2100 feet above the sea level


Andharban Trek
Andharban Trek

In the arms of the sahyadris, Andharban attracts many trek lovers. The best time to visit this beauty is during the monsoon season. It takes around 6-7 hours to reach the top but don’t worry it is all worth it! There are two routes to choose from. Lonavala to Bhaburde village by ST bus [40 kilometers] Bhaburde to Pimpri village t [13.6 kilometers]. The top view is all about the spectacular kundalika valley, breath-taking waterfalls and Bhira dam waters. That’s not all! This trek is famous for the various species of colour butterflies and elegant flowers. Imagine yourself surrounded by lush green shrubs with beautiful flowers and colourful butterflies!! Heaven on earth, isn’t it?


ANJANERI – The Birth place of lord Hanuman


HEIGHT – 4264 feet above the sea level.


Anjaneri Trek
Anjaneri Trek

Anjaneri is known to be the birthplace of ‘Lord Hanuman‘and is named after Lords Hanuman’s mother ‘Anjani’. A spiritual place indeed, but apart from it, it has a lot more to offer! 108 Jain caves are found here belonging to the 12th century. We bet this trek will surely give you a chance to explore a lot more! It is located between Nashik and Trimbakeshwar .The prime route to reach the Anjaneri fort is from the Anjaneri village. A duration of 1-2 hours is expected. The Anjani Mata temple is a must visit here. To add more there is also a Sita temple on the left. This place witnesses a huge number of people on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  Let Travel Trikon take you to a destination which offers green landscapes and enormous mountain ranges, this place does not fail to give a fantastic top view!


These 5 monsoon treks are the list of those 5 popular monsoon destination which is dream land for all the trekkers. Trekking is not only an accomplishment but it is about living freely without any fear and this is why you should visit these top 5 monsoon trek destinations and beat the heat! Sit back and let Travel Trikon bring out the child in you as you trek towards happiness!


Night Trek

5 Best Night Trekking Destinations Near Mumbai

“Recall the tales of moon and stars

Hide & Seek amidst the dense-dark trails

Forgetting the stress and woes

Get ready to witness the night blooms and shadows”


Sahyadri Mountain Ranges turn dramatic every night when the sun bids adieu. When the moon gleams bright and stars twinkle at night, is the time to be at the top of a hill or fort to capture the scintillating magic of the night. Quit your usual routine and be ready for a fun-filled night treks with Travel Trikon.

Here’s an exciting list of trekking places near Mumbai for you to pick the best.


Katraj to Sinhagad

Region:- Pune

Grade: – Medium

What not to miss :- City view from Top

When to do: Moonlight

Katraj to Sinhagad Trek with Travel Trikon
Katraj to Sinhagad Trek

Also known as K2S, is a trekkers paradise. Katraj to Sinhagad night trekking is challenging and fun-filled. Its frequent ascends and descends will keep you thrilled all night long. Start trekking from Katraj and reach Sinhagad to complete this inevitable night trek near Mumbai.




Region:- Mumbai

Grade: – Medium

What not to miss :- Jungle walk at night

When to do: Dark Night

Andharban Trek
Andharban Trek

This dark forest trek never fails to amuser hikers, thanks to the long walking trail and panoramic valley view. If you are looking for a trekking destination near Mumbai, Andharban is the best pick. Its deep and dark valleys, never ending forest trails and beautiful dam view at the end of the trek, keeps you hooked all throughout the night trek.


Garbett  Plateau

Region:- Matheran

Grade: – Medium

What not to miss :- Lake view and Matheran trails

When to do: Summer Night

Garbett Trek with Travel Trikon
Garbett Trek

Located around the vicinity of Matheran, Garbett Plateau is one of the most preferred hill station and trekking places around Mumbai.  The huge sprawling plateau overlooking the beautiful lake is a perfect destination for a weekend chillout with friends.



Chanderi Caves

Region:- Badlapur

Grade: – Medium

What not to miss :- Cave exploration

When to do: Summer Night

Chanderi Trek
Chanderi Trek


Unlike the others, Fort Chanderi has its unique structure and challenging trails that gives a shout to all the hard core trekkers. It will surely test your patience, endurance and fitness level. Filled with thrill and immense fun, Chanderi Caves Trek is a perfect destination for a bunch of friends who want to have the best night out memories.



Vikatgad – Peb killa

Region:- Matheran

Grade: – Medium

What not to miss :- Temple at Top

When to do: Summer Night

Vikatgad Trek
Vikatgad Trek

Just like Garbett Pleateau, Vikatgad is also located around the Matheran Ranges. But the view and trekking experience offered by both these destinations are completely different from each other.

Vikatgad takes you though steep slopes, scary ladders and dense forest trails of Matheran. If you’ve suddenly made up your mind for night trekking, Vikatgad is the perfect fort for impromptu plans.


Here’s a chance to quit those boring night parties and be amidst the nature to stand out from others. Be assured night treks are eventful and filled with fun, which gives you memories to cherish for lifetime.


Discover Karnataka’s hidden secret and beach-lovers’ paradise – Gokarna!

Attention Beach-bums! If you’re looking for the beauty of Goa’s beaches minus the chaos, crowd and commercialization, look no further! The magic of Gokarna, Karnataka’s best kept secret, is just waiting to be discovered!

Home to the Mahabaleshwar temple, Gokarna’s laid-back and spiritual appeal draws travellers from all over the world. Indulge all your senses as you walk past the vibrant coloured Temple Chariot and beaded ornaments on the street-side, hippie style ‘Om’ T-shirts and dhoti pants on sale and vendors selling authentic spices!

Here’s a snapshot of some of its secretly awesome beaches:


  • Gokarna beach: Named after the town itself, Gokarna beach is popular with the local pilgrims, with a couple of temples nearby. Trekking to Gokarna will reward you with a splendid hill-top view of the curved beach lined with coconut trees and colourful boats and the vast expanse of the sea! Descend by the steps onto the beach and feel the spiritual vibe envelope your entire being.


Gokarna Beach with Travel Trikon
Gokarna Beach with Travel Trikon


  • Kudle Beach: Secluded and untouched, Kudle beach is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Lounge on the beachside as you witness the spectacle of the blue waters washing up the white sands, as the sunset turns everything a beautiful orange. Photographers can have a gala time clicking the picturesque sights at Kudle. Whether you are with your group of friends or your partner or solo, Kudle welcomes you with a big heart!


Kudle Beach with Travel Trikon
Kudle Beach with Travel Trikon


  • Om Beach: The distinct Om shape of the beach gives it the name. The tiny shacks and cafes lined up along the beachside offer quite a few options which ensure that all you water-babies won’t go hungry here! You can easily get yourself a Nariyal paani or some cool buttermilk to beat the heat and you’re all set to enjoy the beach!


Om Beach with Travel Trikon
Om Beach with Travel Trikon


  • Half-Moon Beach: A beach in the shape of a half-moon on one-side, this one’s a tiny wonder just waiting to be discovered. Not easily accessible unless you trek or take a ferry to the place, it is so quiet and secluded that it almost feels like a private beach! Touch the crystal clear waters and little fish will swim past your fingers, gently teasing you and you might even see a starfish or two!


Half Moon Beach with Travel Trikon
Half Moon Beach with Travel Trikon


  • Paradise Beach: 150 metres of clean white sand interspersed with rocks and cut off from the rest of the world, this beach is a paradise indeed, true to its name. Also known as ‘Full-Moon beach’, this is a good spot for camping too, as it has a fresh water well nearby. Witness Nature’s own love story as the clear blue sky and the clean blue waters come together at the hazy horizon, and if you look closely you might even see shell-pairs that have just opened!
Paradise Beach with Travel Trikon
Paradise Beach with Travel Trikon


The best way to explore and experience the sleepy little beach town of Gokarna is trekking & camping! Climb up and down the mountains, beachside rocks, take a boat-ride in the Aghanashini river to the fishing town and navigate through jungles as you trek your way from one beach to another, enjoying lip-smacking local food on the way. When it’s dusk, set-up your tent on the beachside and camp under the night sky, with the sound of the waves filling your ears – a perfect recipe for some beautiful memories and much needed solace in our busy lives.

netrani island scuba diving with travel trikon


Netrani is a coral island located off the coast of Murudeshwara, Karnataka. It is also popularly known as Netragudo locally and the Pigeon Island. This little island is famous for a variety of corals, fish, eels and shrimps. A few professional divers have also reported seeing whales and orcas that add to the tally of marine life seen around this rocky Island. And not just that, the island was also used by the Government of India to train the armed forces as well. But the main attraction of this island is not just the marine life and the view but also the activities that every adventure enthusiast have on their bucket list.

Here are 3 adventurous activities that you can experience and tick them off your bucket list.

  1. Scuba Diving at Murudeshwara

Scuba Diving at Murudeshwara is a refreshing activity that you should definitely experience. Your journey begins with a boat ride from Murudeshwara to the Netrani Island which in itself is an experience apart from the well known Scuba Diving at Murudeshwara. The clear waters and the variety of marine life at your exposure is a visual treat that one can ask for at this amazing destination.  Don’t you wait! Load your Backpacks and set off to Jump into the blue to explore Scuba Diving at Murudeshwara.

netrani island scuba diving with travel trikon


netrani island scuba diving with travel trikon

  1. Snorkeling at Netrani Island

Snorkeling at Netrani Island is another major attraction why people visit this island in huge numbers. The clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea and the colorful marine life make Murudeshwara a go-to destination to Snorkel at Netrani Island. Want to experience Scuba Diving and Snorkeling at Netrani Island? Travel Trikon has got it covered with amazing packages for an all new adventure.


netrani island scuba diving with travel trikon

  1. World’s Second-Tallest Shiva statue at Murdeshwar

Murudeshwara Temple with Travel Trikon

Murudeshwara Temple with Travel Trikon


Murdeshwar is a town in Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada district in the state of Karnataka, India. Famous for the world’s second-tallest Shiva statue, the town lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is also famous for the Murdeshwar Temple.


After all the adventure and the fun, you may now row your way towards Murudeshwara beach to let the waves touch your feet and end your trip with a soothing experience.



Velas Turtle Festival Tour 2017

10 Reasons to Attend Velas Turtle Festival in 2017

Velas Turtle Festival

Unlike other fests that we tend to attend in India, turtle festival is quite unique and has a special importance. If you are someone who loves exploring the unexplored and wants to get a scene of these little creatures, then Velas is the perfect destination to plan your weekend getaway with friends and family.


1. Check the little Olive Ridley Turtles

The Olive Ridley Turtles are found along the tropical coastline, which makes it quite scarce and hard to locate. At Velas turtle festival, you’ll definitely stand a chance to witness end number of sea turtles making their way into the deep blue waters.

Velas Tour


2. A sneak peek into little Hamlet

The little village Velas is also known as turtle village, all thanks to the hatching that occurs at the Velas beach. Right since the turtle festival  at Velas begins, all the travelers across the globe come to velas turtle festival.  Surrounded by palms and evergreen landscapes, Velas has much to offer over and above the turtle festival.

Velas Turtle Festival Tour 2017

3. Eco-tourism and Awareness

Velas is not just a tour and a beach visit experience; it has lots more to offer. A wide exposure and information is being offered to all the travelers so as to spread awareness about the lifecycle of these little turtles at Velas.

Velas Tour


4. Meet “Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra” – The Protectors

This conservation society highly aims at protecting the marine life and marine turtles by spreading awareness and protecting the endangered species.  At Velas turtle festival, you’ve got to hear a lot of interesting stories and watch an informative documentary as well.

Velas Tour

5. Turtle Hatching & Nests

When at Velas, you’ll fall for those little turtles. Feb ending and March beginning embarks the hatching season when the Olive Ridley turtles lay eggs at the Golden beach of Velas. You’ve got to witness the entire process only at Turtle Festival Velas.

Velas Tour

6. Be with the Rural Habitat

Learn the simple living idea at Velas while you attend the turtle festival. Locals are helpful and friendly enough to meet and greet you with love and utmost care. Stay in rural houses and experience their day to day lifestyle in a blissful way.

Velas Tour (8)

7. Sunset at Velas Beach

Once you’re done seeing the velas turtles witness the mesmerizing sun set. Be at this clean beach, sit at the shore and spend time with friends soaking in some fresh air.

Velas Tour

8. Delicious Home-Made Food

Foodie folks be ready to indulge in lip-smacking delicacies and enjoy relishing the food made by locals. Pure-veg food made from farmed picked veggies is bound to pamper your taste buds. Be ready velas turtle festival has a lot to offer.

Velas Tour

 Velas - 2

9. Not just Velas, there’s more to it!

Along with Velas beach turtle festival, you’ll be taken to Bankot fort also known as Himmatgadh.  Visit Bankot fort and take a picturesque panorama shot from the top position.


 Velas - 1

10. Harihareshwar – A destination for sanctity and peace

Your trip to Velas turtle festival remains incomplete without visiting Harihareshwar Temple & Beach for worshipping the deities and participating in water sports. This beach is clean and pristine and is quite popular for the temple as well as delicious food.

Harihareshwar Temple


Pench National Park

Reasons why Pench National Park is a Must Visit Destination

Pench National Park is located on the boundary of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and derives its name from the river Pench that flows through the park. This park encompasses Birds, Wild Animals, Flora and Fauna in abundance. Our very own childhood hero, “Mowgli” from “The Jungle Book” by Joseph Rudyard Kipling also has a deep connection with this park since the original setting draws inspiration from this wildlife destination.
Already have enough reasons to visit this destination? Sure, you do.
Here are a few more reasons why you should visit Pench National park this vacation.
Pench National Park Wildlife Safari

Pench National Park

Pench National Park is one of the well-known tiger reserves in India. The big cats here are known to be healthy and not as endangered as in the other National Parks across the country. Pench National Park is also rich with respect to other wildlife such as Deer, Wild Boar, Gaur, Chital and Sambar which you can spot in good numbers. Isn’t it time for a Pench National Park Wildlife Safari?


Hotels and Resorts in Pench

Pench Trible Camp

When you are in Pench, you just don’t have to bother about your stay. There are a number of Hotels and Resorts in Pench and you are actually spoilt for choices when choosing them. They are all located within a few miles of the jungle, snuggling in its natural beauty where you can hear the birds chirping and wake up to an amazing view amidst the fresh green jungle retreat.


Elephant Ride at Pench

Elephant Safari at Pench
Have some fun and also catch a glimpse of the wild cat from a good height. The Elephant ride at Pench is as delightful as other things that you can do at the Pench National Park especially if you have any toddlers around you. Wouldn’t they love it?