Top 10 Quirky Gifts to Gift Your Traveller Friend.

Top 10 Quirky Gifts to Gift Your Traveller Friend.


Chaddi-Buddies, Besties, Brother from another mother………You call them with ever name possible don’t you? Now, remember all your friends and just imagine what life would be without them? Disaster right? We all have a friend who copies in exams, the Padhaku, the twin, the polar oppose, the helpful and also the irritating one! No matter what kind of friends do we have we love their company kyuki Har Ek Friend Jaruri Hota Hai!

We also have one friend who loves to travel! They always tell you epic stories from their mind-blowing travel experiences and always encourage you to travel. If you have travelled due to their encouragement or may be any other reason if you want to choose the quirkiest gift for them then this is blog is all you need! Travel Trikon helps you with a list of Top 10 Quirky Gifts to Gift Your Traveller Friend.


  1. Life Straws – A gift of life.
Gifting a life straw is like gifting health to your traveller friend.  Life straw is a filter which filters water for drinking. It removes all the bacteria and parasite from the unclean water and makes it safe to drink. Now your friend can easily refill his bottle and always drink clean water. Life Straws are a life saver!
  1. A classic Anti –Theft bag! – May your souvenirs be safe!


Remember how they bring you souvenirs from different places they visit?  A traveller’s bag is like a small home over his shoulders. Gift them an anti-Theft bag and help them secure their valuables. Anti-Theft bags comes with special features which protects the bag from thieves and burglars.

  1. Head Torch – Show them the right way!
A head torch is a very helpful element for the travellers which will help them to walk in the dark without any fear. It also has a red light setting which will avoids incests getting attracted to the light. If your friend loves adventure this is gift is for him!
  1. Travel Journal – Gift them Memories!

traveljournalTravellers love capturing their moments in a video or photos but sometimes reading a self-written 10 year old travel memory is more overwhelming. A Travel Journal can preserve your friend’s first travel experience or mark the places they have visited to!  Of course thanking you each time they read it back again!

  1. Parachute Hammock – Ask your friends to take a chill pill!


When your traveller friend wants to spend some quality time with nature, this gift will be the perfect one to choose from. They can use this super strong and durable gift on a beach or in a deep forest when they want to chill reading a book to just while admiring nature!


  1. Pocket Rocket Stove – The Hunger call!


rocket stove

This stove can prove to be very essential when your friend is hungry in deep a jungle or on the top of a mountain peak! This stove is small enough to fit in tiny places. Now don’t worry about your friend when hunger strikes him. He can easily cook whatever and where ever he wants. Thanks to you!


  1. Travel Money Belt – Don’t Beg Borrow And Steal!

travel money belt

No matter how many times you have lent money to your traveller pal, you always want his cash to be safe while travelling. This one on the list is a classic gift! Tying around the Travel will help him to keep his valuables safe with himself!


  1. Scratch Map – Mark his presence!
scratch map
scratch map

This is a simple but an ultimate gift for your traveller buddy. A scratch map is a map used to mark the places he has visited. This is a fun gift for you traveller friend and we bet he will love you for gifting it. He just has to scratch with a coin on the places he has visited to and plan for the next one!


  1. Potable Battery Charger – Capture every moment freely!

portable battery

Imagine your friend climbing the highest peak or doing the most adventurous things, it is a big moment in his life but he just cannot capture it because of lifeless phone! A Potable Battery Charger is a mind-blowing gift to gift your travel freak friend. He can charge his phone without electricity and live tension free. Potable Battery Chargers are extremely light weighted and compact. He can also secure it with a waterproof pouch.


  1. Adventure Tents – A home under the stars!

Last but not the least on the list are the Adventure tents. These tent is can be set up easily and are spacious. Your traveller friend can camp under the stars, in a forest or even in a desert with this adventure camp. It keeps the bugs outside and secures your friend.


These were the top 10 quirky gifts for your friend. Surprise them with these unique and useful gifts and capture their moment in your hearts for ever. We bet, they will always thank you for adding a bit more into their passion and encouraging them to fulfil their travel dreams. Go ahead you are a true friend!


Safety Measures

Safety Measures

Don’t you love the idea of trekking in the rainy season? The cool breeze, lush green hills, gushing waterfalls and the sun playing hide-n-seek with clouds. Often, we get carried away with the natural beauty and tend to overlook our own safety. Keep these points in mind so that your next adventure is all about fun!

The Muck
Yes, if not for this, rains would have been pure bliss. But it’s not, especially after you slip and fall on all fours. To avoid this, wear shoes with a good grip and don’t get tempted to run in the rain like they do in Bollywood movies. Other than loose soil, also avoid stepping on moss-covered stones. They are extremely slippery while stones under running water aren’t.

The Bag
Everything is going to be wet but see that your extra pair of clothes, money, food, camera, phone etc doesn’t get damp. Just put them in separate polythenes while packing even if your bag is waterproof. This will protect them from your wet hands and also help you sort out the contents faster on the trek.

The Route
Know where you’re going. Hire a guide if possible. If not, talk to people at the base village to get a basic idea of your route to the top. With falling trees and flowing water, there are chances your trail got washed away too.

The Insects
Be prepared to meet irritant bugs, mosquitoes or hungry leech as they thrive in this season. Keep repellents handy. To get rid of leech, use salt or spray deodorant. It works like magic!

The Note
Always leave a note behind stating your location and likely time of return. Keep your family and friends informed. Weather can get tricky during monsoons and we all know how our mobile network connections are!


We understand you want to capture each and every bit of your monsoon trek, but do keep the time restrictions in mind. Do not stray away from the group while clicking pictures, always be with your group and take pictures whenever the leader announces photography break. Also, protect your camera as well as mobile phone while doing the same.

No edge Photography please

You’ve seen number of trekkers clicking pictures at the top of a huge boulder and those images might have got 1000 of Likes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a safe thing to do. During monsoon there is lack of visibility and the mud is quite slippery, so do not click pictures at the edge of the mountain, its completely unsafe.

River Stream Gushes..

Yeah, the moment you see a river stream you get simply get into the stream without knowing the depth and water flow. This could be risky, as you might flow away with the forceful water gushes and end up hurting yourself. Always consult your lead before getting into any lake, pond, water stream or river body.

Trekking isn’t a Marathon

It’s not a race!! No medal rewards are given to first reachers. Enjoy every bit of your trek and always move with your Trikon buddies. Never leave your group behind and stay ahead of everyone. Be at a descent pace and help other trekkers to reach the end point.

Do not haste others

You might be an avid trekker and can trek amazingly well through tough terrains, but not everybody is the same. So avoid pushing or hasting fellow trekkers, as they might slip and get injured. A recent incident at Harihar trek is a great learning, where a trekker lost balance while hastily descending and ended up fracturing her leg. Thanks to prompt decisions and co operation from local villagers who got her down safely.

Get insured

Get an Adventure Insurance yourself so as to cover the possible risks that take place while undertaking adventure activities. After all, Precaution is better than cure.

Just these basic ideas will go a long way to keep you away from trouble or any nasty surprises on the trek. Like our page for more such articles.

Team Travel Trikon


Waterfall Rappelling

Are you yet to take up the Waterfall Rappelling Challenge?

We all have feared at some point in our life. Some have fear for heights while some fear the depths of the sea. Do you know what prepares you to fight against that fearful feeling in your body? The Adrenaline hormone. Thanks to this hormone your body prepares you for a fight or flight response. Why not choose the fight response and live your dreams? Have you ever thought going beyond this fear? Living freely and follow your passion? Why not give it a try? Haven’t you heard about ‘Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai’? Frightening is a normal state but do not cage yourself into your fear. It is time to defeat it. Water rappelling is one such adventurous sport that will surely secret some adrenaline hormones. So if you are ready to challenge yourself, this is the right one for you!

Water rappelling is a sport in which you descend down from the cliff of a waterfall with a help of a rope and an anchor to protect yourself from falling. So wake the Tarzan in you and have a hold of his rope and let go of your fear. Monsoon is the prime time to undertake this adventure and soon will it arrive. So start thinking now! You have got almost a month to make up your mind to face your fear or run away throughout your life!

If you are thinking about it then tell us allow to acknowledge you with a place near Mumbai which is famous for waterfall rappelling. Bhivpuri is one of the top places known for waterfall rappelling and here is the reason why!

Bekare  Falls

Waterfall Rappelling At Bekare

The major attraction in Karjat is the Bhivpuri waterfall which makes it picture perfect in monsoons. This delightful waterfall witness water rappelling every year. Bhivpur a small town located in Karjat Taluka, famous for its waterfalls, is a preferred destination for weekends during the rainy season. This paradise is just 93 km away from Mumbai. Enjoying the thrill of water rappelling is a lifetime memory.

Check our batches –


Ganpati Gadad

This pristine destination is yet to be explored my many adventurists around Maharashtra. There are caves to explore and an easy level hike till the point for waterfall rappelling with experts who are technically sound enough to help you abseil with the help of ropes and carabiners.

So now if you have read this blog it time to complete the waterfall challenge and once you have completed it you have to select few beties and challenge them! Try waterfall rappelling with Travel Trikon in and around Maharashtra for super fun. Do you have the guts? If yes then get packing! It’s time to fight your fear.

5 Tips for Trekking during PERIODS

5 Tips for Trekking during PERIODS

Why it’s perfectly okay to trek during menstruation !

Planned for the perfect trek, excited and all set to hit the mountains! But, wait! Your trekking dates clash with your periods? What a nightmare! Is it safe to trek during periods? How to avoid messing up clothes? How to dispose off used sanitary napkins? Here are the answers to all your questions. Read till the end to find out how to deal with such situations and head to the mountains instead of staying back.

Periods are part of routine. But trust me those five days mean stress, cramps, mood swings, bleeding and what not! All those claims of “staying fresh and dry” in ads don’t keep you from checking every now and then. It’s high time we speak about this openly and discuss how to deal with it. Especially for trekkers, who would love to be in mountains at any day of the month, it’s a serious concern and never fails to interfere with our decisions to sign up for a trek. After all, when mountains call, you must go!

Before you cancel the much awaited plan, think if you’re actually unfit for the trek? Is it safe to trek during periods? If yes, what precautions need to be followed?

Pads or Tampons?

Although both seem good for trekkers, you can choose the one that makes you feel comfortable. Pad is always easy to carry and dispose, whereas tampons need to be handled a bit more carefully. You also need to keep a check on how much duration you’ve been wearing them. For monsoon and waterfall fun, tampons are highly recommended. Carry an extra plastic bag and always wrap your pads in paper and put it inside the bag in a separate section. Whenever you come across a bin, just dispose it and get rid of it.

Hygiene matters

You’ve got to be extra careful when it comes to hygiene. Carry a bunch of tissue papers, sanitizer, sanitary pads and extra clothes for effortless changing and keeping the germs at bay. You can also check out disposable panties that are easily available these days.

How to deal with the cramps?

Though you are a regular trekker, but when it comes to trekking during periods it gets a little dicey and you end up questioning your own decision. Experts say, the more you exercise the more you feel better. Yoga, trekking, cycling or any form of physical exertion is bound to relieve cramps. It you feel your cramps are unbearable and it would make things worse, only then consult a gynecologist for prescriptions. Otherwise, fresh air and greenery all around are sure to enlighten your mood and keep the cramps and mood swings away. Stay hydrated at all times and learn some yoga poses for stretching.

Dispose Responsibly

Usually, trekking routes are quite far from the animal habitats but be mindful of it anyway. If you throw your pad on the trail or bury it underground then maybe they’ll end up confusing it with food and might try to chew or consume, which is hazardous. So just dispose it safely.

Keep your leader informed

A leader needs to know everything about the group. Keep him/her informed so that they can help and guide you while you’re trekking or taking breaks in between.

There been a drastic hike in the number of female trekkers/backpackers and solo travelers. With the advancement in medical science there are a number of ways to deal with menstrual cycles and reduce the pain. Just don’t let this hamper your determination. Do step out for seeking the adventure you’ve been planning for so long. Be optimistic and prepare well. Let periods not be a hurdle…Be there…Shout out aloud…Answer when the mountain’s call!

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Monsoon Trekking Essentials

Monsoon Trekking Essentials

Monsoons are just around the corner and you are very excited to get-set-go on your first Monsoon Trek!

Like we always say, trekking is a fun-filled activity but it has its own amount of challenges too. To conquer these challenges, here is a list of some essentials that you must never forget.

Windcheater/ Poncho
it is quite different from usual raincoats. It not only protects you from rains and keeps you dry, but also cuts the wind and keeps you warm when you’re at a high altitude. So, get one Windcheater and there’s no looking back. You can also opt for a poncho as it helps in covering your bag too.

Trekking or Hiking Boots
Different from usual running shoes, Hiking shoes are tough and hence won’t give up on you while climbing rough terrains. They give you the much needed grip and are water-proof too, hence no worries during Monsoons!

Water Bottle or Hydrapack

Carrying 2 ltrs water is essential for all the monsoon treks. Also, carry energy drinks or Glucon-D for instant energy. Carrying two litres of water helps to keep you hydrated, you can take a sip or two at every break to keep a check on the water level of your body.

Rucksack or Backpack
For each and every trek, you get a never ending list of “Things to carry”. Now, to carry all this stuff, you need a light-weight yet sturdy bag. Rucksacks have numerous straps to hold on to your body, which makes climbing easy. There are several pockets that let you keep your belongings separately.

Bag Cover
Rains arrive without invitations, don’t they? Well, in such a case your bags and belongings will surely get wet. Make sure you cover your bag with a rucksack cover. Also, cover important things like money, extra pair of clothes and phone with polythene while packing for extra protection.

Camera Gear

Capturing pictures on a monsoon trek calls for a lot of precaution. Trekkers need to have rain cover for camera or sufficient layers of waterproof coverage, which protects your camera from water spills.

Quick Dry Outfits
It’s a given that your clothes will get wet quite easily and it takes a lot of time to dry them out, thanks to the humidity. So, make sure you wear quick dry clothes such as a nylon T-shirt and trekking pants. Avoid wearing shorts or 3/4ths while trekking, it is highly recommended to wear full coverage clothes for complete protection.

Next time when you plan to trek, make sure you have all this stuff. So, that monsoon treks become a memory to be cherished for lifetime.

Team Travel Trikon

5 Must Do Trek this Monsoon

5 Must Do Monsoon Treks

                BEAT THE HEAT WITH THESE 5 Monsoon Treks.


Monsoon is not only about rains but it is about gliding through your memories. Monsoon is about sipping hot tea while feeling the rain on your palms through the window.  Monsoon is about dancing in the rain without any hesitation! We at Travel Trikon know that for you, Monsoon is not only a season but it is a feeling! Travel Trikon buddies are calling all the monsoon lovers to celebrate the arrival of the monsoon season together and to add one more happy memory in your box of monsoon memories. We help you to beat the heat with the top 5 Monsoon Treks which will quench every monsoon lover’s thirst!


RAJMACHI – Takes you back in the 17th Century!

LOCATION – Lonavala

HEIGHT –2710 feet above the sea level


Rajmachi Trek
Rajmachi Trek

The Rajmachi fort is located near Lonavala.  As we all know that Lonavala is best known to be visited during the winters, Rajmachi fort adds one more reason to visit this popular destination.  This a very famous destination for trekkers and beginners. There are two routes to reach this fort, one from Lonavala and the other from Karjat near Mumbai. This fort was established by Shivaji Maharaj back in the 17th century!  There 2 caves at the fort which provide an accommodation for around 40 people if you are planning for an overnight trek. The major attractions here are Shirvardhan, Manaranjan (The twin forts), Huge caves on the fort to explore and the old temples. If you are planning for a monsoon trek, then this is one of the best trek places for you to choose.


KALSUBAI TREK – The Highest Peak in Maharashtra!

LOCATION – Igatpuri Taluka

HEIGHT – 5400 feet above the sea level.

DIFFICULTLY LEVEL – Medium to hard

Kalsubai Trek
Kalsubai Trek

Have you heard about the all in one package? Kalsubai is one of these packages!  It not only gives a thrilling feeling to the trekkers, but also gives a picturesque view of lush green valley, a view of the spectacular waterfalls and of course the breath-taking top view! Kalsubai is also a part of kalsubai Harishchandragad wildlife sanctuary. Reaching to the top, you can visit the kalsubai temple.  Harishchandragad, Ahivant, Saptashrungigad, Markindya, Dhodap, etc. can be spotted from the Kalsubai Peak. Travel Trikon welcomes you to visit this beautiful monsoon destination which is also the highest peak in Maharashtra!


RATANGAD TREK – A 2000 YEARS Old Heritage.

LOCATION– Igatpuri

HEIGHT– 4255 feet above the sea level


Ratangad Trek
Ratangad Trek

Located in the beautiful jungle of the Western Ghats this mighty fort stands tall in Ratangad. Ratangad has a natural rock peak with a cavity in it at the top which is called ‘Nedhe’ or ‘Eye of the Needle.’ Sculptures of Lord Ganesh and Hanuman can be seen on the main gate. The main attraction is the Amruteshwar temple. Ratangad desk itself up flowers in November and then with wild greenery during the monsoons. The fort is the origin for the river Pravara. There are two main routes to reach the fort. There is a route from village Samrad and the other from village Ratanwadi. The trek route from Ratanwadi is the easy one as it passes through dense forest along the northern bank of the river. Iron ladders constructed by the forest department which makes the trek even easier. So get ready as Travel Trikon takes you through an adventurous journey to Rantanghadh!


ANDHARBAN – The Dense Forest!


HEIGHT – 2100 feet above the sea level


Andharban Trek
Andharban Trek

In the arms of the sahyadris, Andharban attracts many trek lovers. The best time to visit this beauty is during the monsoon season. It takes around 6-7 hours to reach the top but don’t worry it is all worth it! There are two routes to choose from. Lonavala to Bhaburde village by ST bus [40 kilometers] Bhaburde to Pimpri village t [13.6 kilometers]. The top view is all about the spectacular kundalika valley, breath-taking waterfalls and Bhira dam waters. That’s not all! This trek is famous for the various species of colour butterflies and elegant flowers. Imagine yourself surrounded by lush green shrubs with beautiful flowers and colourful butterflies!! Heaven on earth, isn’t it?


ANJANERI – The Birth place of lord Hanuman


HEIGHT – 4264 feet above the sea level.


Anjaneri Trek
Anjaneri Trek

Anjaneri is known to be the birthplace of ‘Lord Hanuman‘and is named after Lords Hanuman’s mother ‘Anjani’. A spiritual place indeed, but apart from it, it has a lot more to offer! 108 Jain caves are found here belonging to the 12th century. We bet this trek will surely give you a chance to explore a lot more! It is located between Nashik and Trimbakeshwar .The prime route to reach the Anjaneri fort is from the Anjaneri village. A duration of 1-2 hours is expected. The Anjani Mata temple is a must visit here. To add more there is also a Sita temple on the left. This place witnesses a huge number of people on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  Let Travel Trikon take you to a destination which offers green landscapes and enormous mountain ranges, this place does not fail to give a fantastic top view!


These 5 monsoon treks are the list of those 5 popular monsoon destination which is dream land for all the trekkers. Trekking is not only an accomplishment but it is about living freely without any fear and this is why you should visit these top 5 monsoon trek destinations and beat the heat! Sit back and let Travel Trikon bring out the child in you as you trek towards happiness!


5 Ways to Boost Motion Sickness

5 Ways to Beat Motion Sickness

Who wouldn’t love a road trip? Cruising past mountains, rivers, woods and sleepy towns. A pleasant weather (and pothole-free highways) is all you need. Yet, there’ll be some who cringe at the idea of traveling by road, especially if it has anything to do with narrow, winding routes on hills. I was one of them, thanks to a serious case of Motion Sickness since childhood.

Not long ago, I used to pick travel destinations based on the amount of road transit involved. But nature won me over eventually and I couldn’t help undertaking day-long road trips to explore the mighty Himalayas. I was determined not to let my condition destroy my trips. So, I devised a strategy to beat Motion Sickness and I’m happy to share that I’m no longer a sufferer!

  1. Make lemon your travel partner

I used to depend a lot on anti-nausea pills. Pop one on an empty stomach on the day of your journey and enjoy. But relying too much on meds isn’t advisable, especially, if your plan comprised back to back road transits. You can’t be eating those pills everyday. Instead, just keep one fresh lemon in your handbag. Sniff on it whenever you feel queasy. Lemons are refreshing and help fight nausea effectively. Alternatively, you can also use lemongrass spray on your scarf or hanky to carry. Ginger is also effective if taken before the journey.

  1. Milk-based drinks are a big NO

Do not drink milk or milk-based beverages like tea, coffee, shakes before a road trip. Milk is heavier to digest and will definitely make its way out on the slightest of provocation. Avoid soda-based drinks as well. Instead, prefer citrus juices. Eat something cooler and lighter.

  1. Sleeping May Not Be An Option 

Unless you are absolutely sure of a comfortable ride that will lull you into deep sleep in a wink, do not try to doze off on a ride. It is most likely, be it in a car or bus, that sharp turns and jerks in hilly areas will keep knocking your head sideways like a pendulum. You’ll be drowsy but not asleep. Next stop-headache! Instead, try tuning in to peppy music, sing along or at least hum if you’re traveling alone and don’t want to draw attention. If you are traveling with a group, play Antakshari! Or better still, engage in never-ending games of Mafia. No excuses there!

  1. Not A Good Time To Read Either 

While your eyes are fixated on the book, everything appears still or stationery but with sharp turns or speed beakers, you get a sense of movement which creates a conflict in your brain triggering motion sickness. Its better to look out the window like a toddler and appreciate the outdoors than to sink into your novel or type on your phone. Concentrating on long-distanced objects over the horizon that don’t appear to be moving much–like a huge mountain in the background or the sky above–can have a calming effect as your senses regain their bearing on the speed. Open the window and let the breeze hit your face!

  1. Boost Your Will Power 

These are just some tricks to help you in the process but your will power is the most important tool in combating motion sickness. Don’t focus on the obstacles, just think about the good things. You’ve been looking forward for this trip since ages! Don’t let anything ruin that. Be happy, be optimistic and everything will turn out just fine.


Trekking an Alternative to Dieting.

Trekking an Alternative to Dieting

Forget Apple! Go trekking

It is true that ‘an Apple a day keeps the doctor away. But it is also true that trekking can keep you healthy, fit and work as an alternative diet plan. Have you reached a point where you just want to betray your diet plan and spend a little time with your love of your life? i.e. FOOD! Well, you don’t have to worry or follow any rules anymore.! Cause now it is time to break up with your strict diet plan and build a forever relationship p with your favourite food. How? Let us tell you, that trekking not only heals the soul but also keeps your body fit.  

Replace gym workouts with Trekking   

Think about hitting the gym, splurging money on highly expensive equipment, following a strict plan etc. now thinking about a view from the dusky mountains, a magical cool breeze and probably an elegant sunset which turns the air in different shades of orange. We bet this is all you need to keep yourself lively. What if you lose weight and gain peace of mind instead?  Losing weight is not a challenge anymore. Trekking includes climbing, jogging, and other physical activities. Did you know? Trekking 7-8 hours in a day can burn around 500 calories every hour. You even burn calories when you rest on a trek.

For a healthy heart

Other than keeping you in shape trekking can be good for your heart. The more your body workouts the more heart pump blood and that’s what trekking offers to your heart. Trekking up and down over a mountain increases your heart pumping speed due to the demand of oxygen. Due to this the heart rate remains stable and the increases the flow of blood in the muscles and the brain.

Fresh air helps

Your lungs give you the gift of life, now it is time to gift them some fresh air that too for your own benefit! Trekking involves places where there is a lack of human population and pollution free. You are surrounded by only and only by nature itself.  This results in a very vigorous environment for your lungs and helps them breathe freely.   

Mental Fitness

Trekking not only heals the body but also keeps you mentally fit cause the mesmerizing beauty of nature will grab all your attraction and make you forget all your stress.

A stress-free life leads to a more happiness and hence keeping your mind energetic and lively So, say goodbye to your stress and prepare your backpack and get ready meet your new attractive gym instructor i.e. nature for achieving your fitness goals.     



How to choose the right trekking shoes?

How to choose the right trekking shoes?

Check List

Bottle – checked

Tiffin – checked

Torch – checked

Appropriate shoes – Not Checked


Have you ever packed every little thing you need for your dream trek? The perfect camera, Cap to save you from the heat, but cannot stand on your feet?  And eventually become Humpty Dumpty?

Imagine yourself in the middle of the wilderness with shoes failure, isn’t it a nightmare and terrible state of disgust? Pick the right trekking shoes for experiencing fun and utmost thrill while trekking.


Here are the top 4 tips one must keep in mind before buying the perfect trek shoes.


1) Fit to Every Bit!

Before deciding the colour, material etc. it is very important to check if the shoes fit your feet in the first place. Don’t forget the layers of socks you would be wearing and accordingly choose your perfect size. Trek shoes are different from the ordinary shoes and thus beginners can take time to get used to it. Trek shoes makes you feel comfortable in course of time and keep your feet lively through the trek. Make sure they keep your feet firm and tight. Don’t not jump directly into any attractive shoes. Remember all that glitters is not gold!


2) Choose Light and Not A Plight!

You surely carry a huge weight on your back including yours then why add additional trouble to your feet?  Light weight shoes help you to easily lift your feet and walk with a speed. Light weighted shoes usually have flexible soles. Make sure when you buy your first trekking shoes they are light enough and stiff. No worries, if you still cannot figure out which ones to buy, here are the highly recommended brands of trek shoes.

  1. Action Trekking Shoes
  2. Forclaz Fresh
  3. Arpenaz Flex series
  4. Power Canvas Trekking


3) Material Matters

Trek shoes have a special ability providing a support to your feet and help you balance. Sports shoes cannot go beyond certain extend.  The construction of the shoes is stiffer and firm. The material is usually leather, suede or synthetic like Gore-tex or Nova Dry. These boats are used for a trek which has a long duration and even for trekking in the snow. Such shoes support your ankle even if you have a sprained it. Trek shoes can be used in snow, rain and even dry weather.


4) Budget

Keep the price range in mind before picking the shoes. A pair of good quality trekking shoes can cost you anywhere between 700 Rupees to 3000 and beyond. Action Trekking Shoes costs 700-900 Rupees, or pick one from the Quechua Series for an all rounder investment for long term. Both men and women can wear any trekking shoes, its a Unisex pick.

Remember these points while buying your trek shoes

  1. Buy high quality shoes. So, that you can rely on them.
  2. Shoes which have accredited material used are the appropriate ones.
  3. Shoes which are all in one. A trekker treks in all possible climates, from dry, snowy and rainy. Before buying make sure that they are all in one and you won’t have to regret waking with a torn shoe in extreme climates.
  4. Make sure you try those shoes on before the main day (Trek day) just to get used to it.
Fireflies Blog

10 Things About Fireflies You Probably Didn’t Know!

“You would not believe your eyes

If ten million fireflies

Lit up the world as I fell asleep….

‘Cause they fill the open air

And leave teardrops everywhere

You’d think me rude but I would just stand and stare…”

Fireflies Blog

10 Things About Fireflies You Probably Didn’t Know!

These are the lyrics of Fireflies by Owl City and it is also something you’re about to witness this summer. Imagine a dark night, lit up only by fireflies, as far as you can see. Magical indeed!

So what’s so special about fireflies?

Firstly, they’re not flies, they’re beetles! Yes, they belong to the beetle family distinguished by wings and a glowing bottom. The oxygen they breathe, combines with a substance called luciferin stored below their abdomen to produce “cold light.”

Fireflies are of different types

There are about 2000 different types of firefly species! You can tell them apart from their lightning patterns.  Photinus pyralis is the most common of them all.

They come in more colors

While you may have seen only green or yellow, fireflies can emit orange and blue colored lights too depending on the type of species.

It’s a mating ritual

Fireflies use their signature glow to attract the opposite gender. They don’t get all flashy for nothing, you know! They also use the light to communicate with each other. The higher the flash rate of the male, the higher are its chances of finding a date.

Also a defense mechanism

What fun is your special power if not used to scare away enemies huh? Even the larvae glow in the dark to stay safe from predators.

They don’t live long

Sad, but true. An adult firefly lives only long enough to produce more fireflies. Mating is usually in the weeks before monsoon sets in as these creatures love humidity.

Fireflies are carnivorous

Yes, these gentle looking heavenly insects can actually eat each other, only in some species though. Not what you expected right?

Fireflies can blink in sync

Believe it or not, there exists some rare species of fireflies that imitate each other and twinkle in a perfectly well synchronised manner.  They are found in only few parts of the world.

Light pollution a cause for concern

Fireflies wait until absolutely dark to start emitting light. Its obvious that artificial light hampers their communication with each other, thereby leading to less mating and less larvae. Nature’s own light show may be in danger.

Fireflies near Mumbai

Too much of light at night in our megacity makes it difficult for fireflies to breed in large numbers here. But they’re not too far either. Just a hop, skip and jump away, are a number of spots known for firefly sightings. You can look up Prabalmachi, Rajmachi, Purushwadi and Bhandardara to check out these bio luminescent bugs in action.